University of Brighton Graduate Show 17

We always like to visit the annual University of Brighton Graduate show to see the next generation of budding designer makers. It is also a great chance to see emerging trends in design and materials, especially as the students are encouraged to push the boundaries of materials to the full.  

Above left is a project by Joyce Chang - Bookends + Storage, which integrates bookends with small ceramic storage containers. And on the right a letterpress font set by Rose Walker. 

Above left shows the brilliant collection of ceramic and composite planters and kitchen accessories by Bennita Adair George. And on the right is Repair > Replace by Bradley Hull, who has used alternate materials to 'repair' these split wooden vessels. 

We loved the great presentation of the 'Playful Aesthetics' project by Darwin Simmonds. Above you can see his selection of ceramic test tiles. The Unearth project by Karen Gager also caught our eye - the project is an exploration of the Nupe craft of bead making on a super-scale. 

We definitely saw a strong brutalist trend among designs this year. It could be something to do with the urban setting of the central Brighton campus, or perhaps part of a larger shift in design. We loved seeing Jack Griffins' architecturally inspired accessories and jewellery, made from the ever-versatile Jesmonite. And Charlotte Gilks' decidedly brutal furniture and accessories really caught our eye. 

The show finished last weekend, but a fresh wave of new designers will present their work again next year. In the meantime, see more from 3D Design and Craft over on their instagram:


Banner Image: Concrete Ceramics by Charlotte Gilks