Reiko Kaneko at the London Design Festival 2016

All that is Broken is not Lost

Building on Exploring Glaze from LDF 2015, Reiko will bring a new collection of unique glazes to this year’s London Design Festival returning to Elementary Store on Redchurch Street as part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle.

In All That is Broken is not Lost Reiko Kaneko has used Kintusgi to draw together a collection of her uniquely glazed fine bone china and terracotta ceramics. The dramatic surfaces are only achieved through repeated firings and layers of glaze and the process carries an inherent risk of breakages and loss. However by embracing the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, and an appreciation for the imperfect and natural these ‘best-worst’ losses have been carefully restored using layers of lacquer and gold. Objects

restored through Kintsugi (golden joinery) come to represent more than their original selves. They draw attention to the process of making, the provenance of objects and the ephemeral nature of beauty.