Top Drawer AW16 Trends

Earlier this month, Top Drawer teamed up with Stylus, the go-to-people for global trend analysis to present a series of striking new trends for the upcoming seasons. 


Organic influences bring a calming sensuality to pure design details that characterise a whole range of products across all lifestyle sectors. The aesthetic is fluid; the palette is soft, warm and natural

Clean Primary

Stripped back to its bare essentials, the minimalist outlook here is lean, clean and agile. Colour is seen in flat and predominantly matt applications with colour-blocking referencing the Bauhaus movement used to differentiate product components.

Urban Nomads

Architecture largely informs this ultra-functional direction, which celebrates simplicity and practicality. Look out for bold graphic styling and patterns with this pared-back, contemporary trend.

Crafted Neutrals

Tranquil and comforting, this direction sees materials with subtle tactility, exposed textural details and refined finishes given to humble resources such as cork and bare wood. The colours imbue a sense of stillness. 

Modern Metallics

Looking to a luxury era of high performance materials, this trend shines with luminous colour and clean metallics, while opaque materials like glass lend ambient and ethereal qualities to a whole range of lifestyle products across the show.

Earth Patterns

Inspired by our worldly wonder, this direction sees pattern, texture and colour take their cue from the endless variations found on Earth. Natural colours, as well as organic contours, tonal washes and mottled effects, all calmly evoke the natural world.

Lead image: Top Drawer