Our Top Picks from London Design Fair 2018

Here’s our top picks from London Design Fair 2018:

Swedish Ninja

Above: Notebook Cabinet by Swedish Ninja

Our first spot of this year’s fair was from our longtime favourite Malmo-based design studio Swedish Ninja, their recently launched Notebook Cabinet has cork doors, with playful confetti-like bits of colour mixed in, creating a perfect place to display photos and clippings like a notebook.

Hi Thanks Bye

Hi Thanks Bye_Collection 0_London Design Fair 2018

Above: Collection 0 by Hi Thanks Bye

Next up are Canadian interdisciplinary design bureau, Hi Thanks Bye. Leading up to the fair they gained huge amounts of traction so we were excited to see what they’d bring. We weren’t disappointed, launching Collection 0 in a deep burgundy colour way was a perfect tribute to the studio’s cross-cultural roots in Canada and China, the pieces, inspired by the natural beauty of Canadian islands, such as Prince Edward, Fogo and traditional Chinese gardens exude an aesthetic of tactile charm and visually superior craftsmanship.


Above: Lavitta Chair in Walnut, Fiori Tables and Bastone Cabinet and Lavitta Chair in Black

Helsinki-based brand Poiat caught our attention as soon as we arrived at the fair, their Lavitta and Fiori collections are sleek, timeless and functional.


Above: Terrazzo side table and bathtub

Huguet have been manufacturing terrazzo items since 1933, this year they took terrazzo to a whole new level showcasing their striking and colourful bathtub on the ‘Made in Mallorca’ stand.

Dominika Petrtýlová

Above: Vandal Vases 2018

Another exhibitor who caught our attention was Dominika Petrtýlová, her Vandal Vases, which take inspiration from paintings, lichens and graffiti are hand blown into a wooden mould and intricately painted with gold, high enamel and glass baking colours, creating bold, eye-catching pieces.


Associative Design_The Best of Portugal Bridge Desk by Christophe de Sousa for Wewood

Above: Bridge Desk by Christophe de Sousa for Wewood

The Bridge desk by Christophe de Sousa for WeWood, was at the fair as part of Associative Design’s showcase of Portuguese design. It’s beautiful craftsmanship caught our eye, a classic nod to the city of Porto and its bridges from which Christophe de Sousa took inspiration for the piece.

May Wild Studio

Above: Coo Plume

Last, but not least is May Wild Studio, their handmade ceramic Coo Plume birds are a celebration of our cities using the humble pigeon to represent both the good, the bad and the beauty and humour of the everyday.

| Banner Image: London Design Fair 2018 (Swedish Pavilion pictured), Photographer Dan Weill.