Brands We Love: Stálogy

Prestigious Japanese stationary brand Stálogy recently launched in the UK, a must have for stationery addicts.

The range produced by the finest Japanese papercraft designers, covers notebooks, pens, memo pads and sticky notes, all in ingenious variations. Stálogy has been developed by Nitoms in the Nitto Group, Japanese companies with a long history in specialist insulation materials and adhesive products. 

Here’s our top picks:

Above: Writable Sticky Notes 15x50mm £8 per set; Editor’s Memo Pads, Plain (Blue), Gridded (Yellow) and Lined (Red) £9 each.

Above (L-R): Editor’s Memo Pads, Plain (Blue) and Gridded (Yellow), £9 each and Translucent Sticky Notes, gridded, £8 each; Editor’s Memo Pad Lined (Red) £9 each; Vintage - Notebook (Red) £5.80 and 1/2 Year Notebook (Red), A5 £24.

Above: Left: 1/2 Year Notebook, A5 £24 each; Translucent Sticky Notes, plain £8; Writable Sticky Notes 15x50mm £8 per set and 4 Functions Pen, White £20. Right: Vintage - Notebooks, £5.80 each; Low-Viscosity Oil Based Ink Ball Point Pen, £10.50; Removable Seal Calendar M, £10.50 and Short Sticky Notes, 6 colours, Set A £7.

Above: 365 Day Notebook, Black, from £24.

All products available from Nitto EU